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Monday, December 21, 2009

Aldi Deals - Week of 12/20/09

Aldi has you covered if you're cooking Christmas dinner this year. Please note that Aldi will be closing at 4:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and will be closed on Christmas Day. Here are this week's best bargains:

Grocery Items:

Celery - $0.69

Broccoli - $0.99

Sweet potatoes (3 lb. bag) - $0.99

Pineapple - $1.49

Butterball turkey - $0.99/lb.

Kirkwood cornish game hen (20 oz.) - $1.99

Season's Choice California medley - $0.95

Grandessa Signature twice baked potatoes - $1.89

Valley View seasoned mashed potatoes - $0.99

L'oven Fresh dinner rolls - $1.69

L'oven Fresh white bread - $0.79

Belmont homestyle pecan pie - $4.99

Friendly Farms or Fit & Active whipped topping - $0.85

Happy Farm cheese tray - $3.99

Happy Farms deli style cheese cubes - $1.99

Happy Farms deli style cheese balls - $1.99

Savoritz entertainment crackers - $1.19

Nature's Nectar sparkling juices - $2.49

Benton's chocolate mint creme cookies - $1.49

Clancy's baked puffed corn - $1.19

Clancy's corn or tortilla chips - $1.19

Clancy's cheddar and bacon potato skins - $0.99

Chef's Cupboard stuffing mix - $0.89

Special Purchase Items:

Sealtite Christmas tree storage box - $19.99

Aldi features mostly non-name brand items at their stores. While they do not accept coupons, they do offer incredibly low prices on many of their food items. You'll need to either bring your own bags from home, or purchase a few on your way through the check-out lane. Also, have a quarter handy. When picking up a cart on your way into the store, you need to insert a quarter to access the cart. Once you're done shopping, link it back to the existing line of carts, and your quarter will be returned to you.


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